Fruits That Start With Z

Fruits That Start With Z - Currently we are in the last alphabetically fruits list from a to z and now we will share a list of fruits with name starting from letter z with they pictures and short descriptions.

fruits that start with z

5 Fruits That Start With Z

  1. Zhe Fruit
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    Zhe fruit tree scientific name is Maclura tricuspidata. Zhe is a fruit tree native to East Asia like China and Nepal and long time a go have been naturalized in Japan.

    Zhe tree can grow up to 6 meters and when the trees are young they have a thorn but when they have a mature age, the thorn will dissapear.

    Although zhe fruits are like mulberry, but they are not a classified same with mulberry.

    When ripe, zhe fruit color are red or maroon and contains rich red flesh inside them with 3-6 seeds per fruit.

    Another name of zhe are : che, cudrang, silkworm thorn, Chinese mulberry and mandarin melon berry.
  3. Zig-Zag Vine Fruit
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    Zig zag vine fruit tree scientific name is Melodorum Leichhardtii. This tree is native to eastern Australia.

    Zig-zag vine tree can grow well in rain forest, monsoon forest, vine thickets and gallery forest with sea level around 1100 meters.

    When ripe, zig zag fruit colors are orange and they flavor was like piquant orange-sherbet. This fruit generally used to make sauces in gourmet dishes and not eaten raw.

    Zig-Zag vine also called with other names like : wild banana, merangara and acid drop vine.
  5. Zinfandel Grapes Fruit
  6. zinfandel grapes fruit
    Zinfandel grapes fruit tree scientific name is Vitis Vinifera. Zinfandel grapes is a variety of black-skinned wine grape that was genetically equivalent to Croatian grapes.

    Common Zinfandel grapes was produce to make a robust red wine.

    Because zinfandel grapes contains high sugar, this fruits can be fermented to gain alcohol level around 15%.

    Another name of zinfandel grapes fruits are : black St. Peters, zenfendal, primativo, primaticcio, morellone and gioia del colle.
  7. Ziziphus Fruit
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    Ziziphus fruit tree scientific name is Ziziphus Jujuba
  9. Zucchini Fruit
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    Zucchini fruit tree scientific name is Cucurbita Pepo

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