Fruits That Start With O

Fruits That Start With O - If you're looking for what fruits that starting with letter O ?, you will found the answer here, because below will share a list of fruits that starting with O, including they pictures and short descriptions.

fruits that start with o

11 Fruits That Start With O

  1. Ogeechee Limes Fruit
  2. Ogeechee limes fruit images wallpaper
    Ogeechee limes fruit tree scientific name is Nyssa ogeche. Ogeechee is a tree native to North America.

    Named ogeechee, because this tree was first discovered along the banks of the Ogeechee river in Georgia by William Bartram.

    Ogeechee trees desperately need water, so they live on the edge of rivers, swamps and lakes that are always inundated with water.

    Ogeechee trees can grow up to 13 meters. The ripe ogeechee known as Ogeechee lime will be red and contain a lot of water with a slightly acidic taste.

    Ogeechee lime also known as : river lime, sour gum, wild lime, white tupelo and ogeeches tupelo.
  3. Oil Palm Fruit
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    Oil palm fruit tree scientific name is Elaeis guineensis. Oil palm (Elaeis guineensis) is a tree native to West Africa and Southwest Africa.

    Right now they can be found in Gambia, Angola, Madagascar, Malaysia, Indonesia, Central America and West Indies.

    Oil palm tree can grow up to 20 meters. Since the tree was successfully planted in tropical region, few tropical country such as Indonesia and Malaysia has commercially grown this tree.

    Since year 2007, Indonesia has dominated palm oil productions that was taken from oil palm kernel, they were supplying approximately 50% of world palm oil volume.

    Oil palm fruit tree also called with : African oil palm, kelapa sawit, macaw fat, olipalme and palma de guinea.
  5. Olallieberry Fruit
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    Olallieberry fruit tree scientific name is Rubus laciniatus x ulmifolius. Olallieberry tree was a cross between black logan and youngberry and developed by United States Department of Agriculture Agricultural Research Service in 1935 at Oregon and first released to public after some tested in year 1950.

    Olallieberry also called with name : king of the blackberries, ollalaberry, olalaberry and ollaliberry.
  7. Olive Fruit
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    Olive fruit tree scientific name is Olea europaea
  9. Orangelo Fruit
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    Orangelo fruit tree is hybrid fruit cross between grapefruit and orange with scientific name is Citrullus lanatus
  11. Oranges Fruit
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    Oranges fruit tree scientific name is Citrus sinensis
  13. Oregon Grape Fruit
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    Oregon grape fruit tree scientific name is Mahonia aquifolium
  15. Oroblanco Fruit
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    Oroblanco fruit tree scientific name is Citrus paradisi C. grandis
  17. Ortanique Fruit
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    Ortanique fruit tree is hybrid fruit a cross between sweet orange and tangerine with scientific name is Citrus reticulata × sinensis
  19. Otaheite Gooseberry Fruit
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    Otaheite gooseberry fruit tree scientific name is Phyllanthus acidus
  21. Oval Kumquat Fruit
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    Oval kumquat fruit tree scientific name is Citrus japonica

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