Fruits That Start With H

Fruits That Start With H - In the list below, we will share a fruits with a names starting from letter H with they pictures and short explanations.

fruits that start with h

8 Fruits That Start With H

  1. Hackberry Fruit
  2. Hackberry fruit images wallpaper
    Hackberry fruit scientific name is Celtis occidentalis. Hackberry is a fruit tree native to North America that can be found in Oklahoma, South Dakota, Southern Ontario, North Carolina, Quebec and New England.

    Hackberry is occasionally only used for a landscape tree or street tree because they're have high tolerance with urban conditions.

    In some region, hackberry also known with other names such as : American hackberry, beaverwood, nettletree, northern hackberry and sugarberry.
  3. Hardy Kiwi Fruit
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    Hardy kiwi fruit scientific name is Actinidia arguta. Hardy kiwi is a small kiwi fruit native to China, Korea, Japan and Siberia. This fruit need long free frost season to ripe.

    Hardy kiwi fruit have a taste more sweet than kiwi fruit and can be eaten whole without need to be peeled.

    Hardy kiwi hard to commercialize because they shelf-life is to short and sporadic tendencies to ripen but right now some country like Canada, New Zealand and United States still working hard to make new varietas from this fruit that can be commercialize.

    Hardy kiwi also called with several names such as : kiwi berry, baby kiwi, cocktail kiwi, dessert kiwi, grape kiwi, artic kiwi and northern kiwi.
  5. Honeysuckle Fruit
  6. Honeysuckle fruit images wallpaper
    Honeysuckle fruit scientific name is Lonicera caerulea. Honeysuckles commonly used as garden plants because they have an ability to cover unsightly walls and outbuildings and their flowers are have a light shade under the sunlight with a good perfume.

    Honeysuckles produces a lot of tubular flowers in summer, with an intense aroma from various varieties.

    There are about 180 species of Honeysuckle, 100 species of which are located in China, Europe and India and in North America there are 20 species.
  7. Honeydew Fruit
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    Honeydew fruit scientific name is Cucumis melo
  9. Hawthorn Fruit
  10. Hawthorn fruit images wallpaper
    Hawthorn fruit scientific name is Crataegus
  11. Horned Melon Fruit
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    Horned melon fruit scientific name is Cucumis metuliferus
  13. Huckleberry Fruit
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    Huckleberry fruit scientific name is Vaccinium spp.
  15. Huito Fruit
  16. Huito fruit images wallpaper
    Huito fruit scientific name is Genipa americana
That's all fruits with name that start with H can we share with you. In the future, when we have found another fruit with name starting with letter H, will updating this fruits name list.

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