Fruits That Start With D

What are fruits that start with D?. Here is the answer because we have a list of fruit with name starting with letter D from all around the world with they images.

fruits that start with d

12 Fruits That Start With D

  1. Damson Fruit
  2. Damson fruit images wallpaper
    Damson fruit scientific name is Prunus domesticus insititia. This fruit can be found in Great Britain, Ireland, and USA

    Damsons fruit are small plum like fruit with a distinctive, somewhat astringent taste, and are widely used for culinary purposes, particularly in fruit preserves or jam.

    Many plum varietas was found across Europe and damson plum was commonly applied to a plum native to Great Britain plum.

    Damsons were first cultivated in antiquity in the area around the ancient city of Damascus, capital of modern-day Syria, and were introduced into England by the Romans.
  3. Date Plum Fruit
  4. Date plum fruit images wallpaper
    Date plum fruit scientific name is Diospyros lotus. The date plum is native fruit tree to Southwest Asia and Southeast Europe. The most country produce this fruits in Europe are France and Germany.

    In Southwest Asia this fruit can be found in Iran, Turkey, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, China, Korea, as well as Nepal and Pakistan.

    Date plum fruit taste was so fresh and contain lots of sugars, malic acid, and vitamins, this is one of the reason why ancient Greeks call this fruits as "God's fruit".
  5. Davidson's Plum Fruit
  6. Davidson's plum fruit images wallpaper
    Davidson's plum fruit scientific name is Davidsonia spp. This fruit also known with other names such as davidsonia and davidson.

    Davidson's plum fruit superficially resemble to the European plum, but are not closely related.

    All davidsonia plum species have an edible sour fruit with burgundy coloured flesh and are highly regarded as gourmet bushfood.

    There are 3 davidsonia plum species : Davidsonia jerseyana, Davidsonia johnsonii, and Davidsonia pruriens.
  7. Dead Man's Fingers Fruit
  8. Dead Man's fingers fruit images wallpaper
    Dead Man's fingers fruit scientific name is Decaisnea fargesii
  9. Dekopon Fruit
  10. Dekopon fruit images wallpaper
    Dekopon fruit hybrid fruit between Kiyomi and ponkan with scientific name is Shiranuhi
  11. Desert Fig Fruit
  12. Desert fig fruit images wallpaper
    Desert fig fruit scientific name is Ficus platypoda
  13. Desert Lime Fruit
  14. Desert lime fruit images wallpaper
    Desert lime fruit scientific name is Citrus glauca
  15. Dodder Laurel Fruit
  16. Dodder laurel fruit images wallpaper
    Dodder laurel fruit scientific name is Cassytha melantha
  17. Double Coconut Fruit
  18. Double coconut fruit images wallpaper
    Double coconut fruit scientific name is Lodoicea maldivica
  19. Dragon Fruit
  20. Dragon fruit images wallpaper
    Dragon fruit scientific name is Hylocereus spp.
  21. Duku Fruit
  22. Duku fruit images wallpaper
    Duku fruit scientific name is Lansium domesticum
  23. Durian Fruit
  24. Durian fruit images wallpaper
    Durian fruit scientific name is Durio zibethicus

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