Fruits That Start With C

Fruits That Start With C - Today we will continue to share a fruits list and we here for a list of fruits that have a name starting with C.

So far we have found 34 fruit with name starting from letter C and you can see the list below with they pictures, so you can more easily identify this fruits because some fruit have several name in other region.

fruits that start with c

34 Fruits That Start With C

  1. Calabash Fruit
  2. Calabash fruit images wallpaper
    Calabash fruit scientific name is Crescentia cujete. This fruit tree is a native fruit of Central America and South America.

    This fruit can be found in Spain, Panama, Colombia, Venezuela, Mexico, Cuba, Guatemala, Philippines, Sri Lanka and Peru.

    Calabash fruit also have several name such as : Cuyabra, Jícara, Jícaro, Bule, Tecomate, Guaje, Morro, Huacal, Calabacero, Totumo and Taparo.
  3. Calamondin Fruit
  4. Calamondin fruit images wallpaper
    Calamondin fruit scientific name is Citrofortunella Microcarpa. Calamondin comes from the People's Republic of China, then spread to Southeast Asia, Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines and other regions to India, Hawaii, Florida and Panama.

    Calamondin orange has a skin with a smooth surface and porous oil, yellow, or yellowish-green. Large orange Calamondin diameter between 3-4 cm.

    The fruit is very rich in citrate grains that are easily separated and contain high vitamin C.

    This fruit also have several names such as: calamansi, calamandarin, golden lime, kalamunding, kalamansi, Philippine lime, calamondin orange, Panama orange, Chinese orange, jeruk kalamansi and calamonding.
  5. Canistel Fruit
  6. Canistel fruit images wallpaper
    Canistel fruit scientific name is Pouteria campechiana. Canistel is a fruit tree native to southern Mexico and Central America and cultivated in other countries, such as Brazil, Taiwan, Vietnam, Indonesia, Sri Lanka and the Philippines for its fruit.

    The ripe canistel fruit has been made into a variety of food like jam, marmalade, pancakes, and flour.

    The ripe flesh is blended with milk and other ingredients to make a shake, and pureed it is sometimes added to custards or used in making ice cream.

    Canistel fruit also have several names such as : egg-fruit, chesa, tiessa, Laulu, Lavulu, Lawalu, lamut khamen, sapodilla, mon khai, alkesah and sawo mentega.
  7. Cantaloupe Fruit
  8. Cantaloupe fruit images wallpaper
    Cantaloupe fruit scientific name is Cucumis melo var. cantalupo
  9. Cape Gooseberry Fruit
  10. Cape gooseberry fruit images wallpaper
    Cape gooseberry fruit scientific name is Physalis peruviana
  11. Capulin Cherry Fruit
  12. Capulin cherry fruit images wallpaper
    Capulin cherry fruit scientific name is Prunus salicifolia, Prunus capuli or Prunus serotina subsp. capuli
  13. Carob Fruit
  14. Carob fruit images wallpaper
    Carob fruit scientific name is Ceratonia siliqua
  15. Cashew Apple Fruit
  16. Cashew apple fruit images wallpaper
    Cashew apple fruit scientific name is Anacardium occidentale
  17. Cedar Bay Cherry Fruit
  18. Cedar bay cherry fruit images wallpaper
    Cedar bay cherry fruit scientific name is Eugenia carissoides
  19. Cempedak Fruit
  20. Cempedak fruit images wallpaper
    Cempedak fruit scientific name is Artocarpus integer
  21. Ceylon Gooseberry Fruit
  22. Ceylon gooseberry fruit images wallpaper
    Ceylon gooseberry fruit scientific name is Dovyalis hebecarpa
  23. Charichuelo Fruit
  24. Charichuelo fruit images wallpaper
    Charichuelo fruit scientific name is Garcinia intermedia
  25. Chayote Fruit
  26. Chayote fruit images wallpaper
    Chayote fruit scientific name is Sechium edule
  27. Cherimoya Fruit
  28. Cherimoya fruit images wallpaper
    Cherimoya fruit scientific name is Annona cherimola
  29. Cherry Fruit
  30. Cherry fruit images wallpaper
    Cherry fruit scientific name is Prunus
  31. Chokecherry Fruit
  32. Chokecherry fruit images wallpaper
    Chokecherry fruit scientific name is Prunus virginiana
  33. Chokeberry Fruit
  34. Chokeberry fruit images wallpaper
    Chokeberry fruit scientific name is Aronia
  35. Citrofortunella Fruit
  36. Citrofortunella fruit images wallpaper
    Citrofortunella fruit scientific name is Rutaceae
  37. Clementines Fruit
  38. Clementines fruit images wallpaper
    Clementines fruit scientific name is Citrus reticulata var. clementine
  39. Cloudberry Fruit
  40. Cloudberry fruit images wallpaper
    Cloudberry fruit scientific name is Rubus chamaemorus
  41. Cluster Fig Fruit
  42. Cluster fig fruit images wallpaper
    Cluster fig fruit scientific name is Ficus racemosa
  43. Coco Plum Fruit
  44. Coco plum fruit images wallpaper
    Coco plum fruit scientific name is Chrysobalanus icaco
  45. Common Apple Berry Fruit
  46. Common apple berry fruit images wallpaper
    Common apple berry fruit scientific name is Billardiera scandens
  47. Conkerberry Fruit
  48. Conkerberry fruit images wallpaper
    Conkerberry fruit scientific name is Carissa lanceolata
  49. Cornelian Cherry Fruit
  50. Cornelian cherry fruit images wallpaper
    Cornelian cherry fruit scientific name is Cornus mas
  51. Cranberry Fruit
  52. Cranberry fruit images wallpaper
    Cranberry fruit scientific name is Vaccinium spp.
  53. Crowberry Fruit
  54. Crowberry fruit images wallpaper
    Crowberry fruit scientific name is Empetrum spp.
  55. Cucumber Fruit
  56. Cucumber fruit images wallpaper
    Cucumber fruit scientific name is Cucumis sativus
  57. Cupuacu Fruit
  58. Cupuacu fruit images wallpaper
    Cupuacu fruit scientific name is Theobroma grandiflorum
  59. Coconut Fruit
  60. Coconut fruit images wallpaper
    Coconut fruit scientific name is Cocos nucifera
  61. Corn
  62. Corn images wallpaper
    Corn scientific name is Zea mays
  63. Carambola Fruit
  64. Carambola fruit images wallpaper
    Carambola fruit scientific name is Averrhoa carambola
  65. Che Fruit
  66. Che fruit images wallpaper
    Che fruit scientific name is Cudrania tricuspidata Bur. ex Lavallee
  67. Chinese Quince Fruit
  68. Chinese quince fruit images wallpaper
    Chinese quince fruit scientific name is Pseudocydonia sinensis
That's all of fruits that start with C letter that can found, when we have another fruits with name starting from C, we will add it to this list as soon as.

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