Fruits That Start With B

There was many fruits that start with B that can be found by and most of them was a tropical fruits.

In the fruits list below you can found 44 fruits with name starting with B with the picture and short explanations about each fruits.

fruits that start with B

44 Fruits That Start With B Letter

  1. Babaco Fruit
  2. Babaco fruit images wallpaper
    Babaco fruit scientific name is Vasconcellea × heilbornii. Babaco is a hybrid fruit between mountain papaya and toronche. Babaco fruit tree life span was about 8 years and each years they can produce 30-60 fruits.

    Babaco fruit have less seeds than other papaya and they have a smooth skin than can be eaten, some people says it's taste was like mixed taste between strawberry, kiwi, pineapple and papaya.

    Because of its pentagonal shape, some people call it Carica pentagona
  3. Bacuri Fruit
  4. Bacuri fruit images wallpaper
    Bacuri fruit scientific name is Platonia esculenta aka Platonia insignis. Bacuri is a native fruit from South America, they can be found in Colombia, Guyana, Brazil and Paraguay. Bacuri tree is a tree of Amazon rainforest.

    Bacuri have a few names based on their region. Bacuri was also known with names : bakuri, pacuri, pakuri, bacury, pakouri, pakoeri, naranjilo, bacurizeiro and maniballi.
  5. Bael Fruit
  6. Bael fruit images wallpaper
    Bael fruit scientific name is Aegle marmelos. Bael fruit tree is considered to be sacred by Hindus. The fruits not only use as food but also used as traditional medicine to cure hepatitis.

    Bael is a native fruit tree of Southeast Asia and can be found in India and Bangladesh.

    This fruit also have several names such as : bengal quince, sivadruma, vilvamaram, golden apple, stone apple, japanese bitter orange and wood apple.
  7. Balsam Apple Fruit
  8. Balsam apple fruit images wallpaper
    Balsam apple fruit scientific name is Momordica balsamina
  9. Banana Fruit
  10. Banana fruit images wallpaper
    Banana fruit scientific name is Musaceae
  11. Barbadine Fruit
  12. Barbadine fruit images wallpaper
    Barbadine fruit scientific name is granadilla
  13. Barbados Cherry Fruit
  14. Barbados cherry fruit images wallpaper
    Barbados cherry fruit scientific name is Malpighia glabra
  15. Barberry Buffaloberry Fruit
  16. Barberry buffaloberry fruit images wallpaper
    Barberry buffaloberry fruit scientific name is Shepherdia argentea
  17. Batuan Fruit
  18. Batuan fruit images wallpaper
    Batuan fruit scientific name is Garcinia morella
  19. Bayberry Fruit
  20. Bayberry fruit images wallpaper
    Bayberry fruit scientific name is Myrica
  21. Beach Plum Fruit
  22. Beach plum fruit images wallpaper
    Beach plum fruit scientific name is Prunus maritima
  23. Bearberry Fruit
  24. Bearberry fruit images wallpaper
    Bearberry fruit scientific name is Arctostaphylos spp.
  25. Beechnut Fruit
  26. Beechnut fruit images wallpaper
    Beechnut fruit scientific name is Fagus grandifolia
  27. Berry Fruit
  28. Berry fruit images wallpaper
    Berry fruit scientific name is Vaccinium
  29. Betel Nut Fruit
  30. Betel nut fruit images wallpaper
    Betel nut fruit scientific name is Areca catechu
  31. Bignay Fruit
  32. Bignay fruit images wallpaper
    Bignay fruit scientific name is Antidesma bunius
  33. Bilberry Fruit
  34. Bilberry fruit images wallpaper
    Bilberry fruit scientific name is Vaccinium myrtillus
  35. Bilimbi Fruit
  36. Bilimbi fruit images wallpaper
    Bilimbi fruit scientific name is Averrhoa bilimbi
  37. Bitter Gourd Fruit
  38. Bitter gourd fruit images wallpaper
    Bitter gourd fruit scientific name is Momordica charantia
  39. Black Apple Fruit
  40. Black apple fruit images wallpaper
    Black apple fruit scientific name is Planchonella australis
  41. Black Cherry Fruit
  42. Black cherry fruit images wallpaper
    Black cherry fruit scientific name is Prunus serotina
  43. Black Mulberry Fruit
  44. Black mulberry fruit images wallpaper
    Black mulberry fruit scientific name is Morus nigra
  45. Black Raspberry Fruit
  46. Black raspberry fruit images wallpaper
    Black raspberry fruit scientific name is Rubus occidentalis or Rubus leucodermis
  47. Black Sapote Fruit
  48. Black sapote fruit images wallpaper
    Black sapote fruit scientific name is Diospyros digyna
  49. Blackberry Fruit
  50. Blackberry fruit images wallpaper
    Blackberry fruit scientific name is Rosaceae
  51. Blackcurrant Fruit
  52. Blackcurrant fruit images wallpaper
    Blackcurrant fruit scientific name is Ribes nigrum
  53. Blood Lime Fruit
  54. Blood lime fruit images wallpaper
    Blood lime fruit is hybrid fruit cross between red finger lime and Ellendale Mandarin with scientific name is Citrus Aurantifolia
  55. Blood Orange Fruit
  56. Blood orange fruit images wallpaper
    Blood orange fruit scientific name is Citrus sinensis
  57. Blue Tongue Fruit
  58. Blue tongue fruit images wallpaper
    Blue tongue fruit scientific name is Melastoma affine
  59. Blueberry Fruit
  60. Blueberry fruit images wallpaper
    Blueberry fruit scientific name is Vaccinium
  61. Bolwarra Fruit
  62. Bolwarra fruit images wallpaper
    Bolwarra fruit scientific name is Eupomatia laurina
  63. Bottle Gourd Fruit
  64. Bottle gourd fruit images wallpaper
    Bottle gourd fruit scientific name is Lagenaria siceraria
  65. Boysenberry Fruit
  66. Boysenberry fruit images wallpaper
    Boysenberry fruit scientific name is Rubus ursinus x idaeus
  67. Bramble Fruit
  68. Bramble fruit images wallpaper
    Bramble fruit scientific name is Rubus fruticosus
  69. Brazil Nut Fruit
  70. Brazil nut fruit images wallpaper
    Brazil nut fruit scientific name is Bertholletia excelsa
  71. Brazilian Guava Fruit
  72. Brazilian guava fruit images wallpaper
    Brazilian guava fruit scientific name is Psidium guineense
  73. Breadfruit
  74. Breadfruit images wallpaper
    Breadfruit scientific name is Artocarpus altilis
  75. Broadleaf Bramble Fruit
  76. Broadleaf bramble fruit images wallpaper
    Broadleaf bramble fruit scientific name is Rubus moluccanus
  77. Brush Cherry Fruit
  78. Brush cherry fruit images wallpaper
    Brush cherry fruit scientific name is Syzygium australe
  79. Burdekin Plum Fruit
  80. Burdekin plum fruit images wallpaper
    Burdekin plum fruit scientific name is Pleiogynium timoriense
  81. Burmese Grape Fruit
  82. Burmese grape fruit images wallpaper
    Burmese grape fruit scientific name is Baccaurea sapida
  83. Beetroot
  84. Beetroot images wallpaper
    Beetroot scientific name is Beta vulgaris subsp. vulgaris
  85. Buddha's Hand Fruit
  86. Buddha's hand fruit images wallpaper
    Buddha's hand fruit scientific name is Citrus medica var. sarcodactylis
  87. Button Mangosteen Fruit
  88. Button mangosteen fruit images wallpaper
    Button mangosteen fruit scientific name is Garcinia prainiana

That's all the fruits name that start with B that can I share, hopely this can be useful for someone.

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