Fruits That Start With A

Below is the list of fruits that start with A letter, here you can also see the pictures of all fruits name starting with A in this fruits name list.

fruits that start with A

List Of 27 Fruits That Start With A With Pictures

  1. Abiu Fruit
  2. abiu fruit images wallpaper
    Abiu fruit scientific name is Pouteria caimito. Abiu is tropical fruit that can be found in Peru, Trinidad, Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador and Brazil.

    This fruit have several name in other region likes : temare (Venezuela), caimito (Colombia), luma or cauje (Ecuador), abieiro or caimito (Brazil), yellow sapote or yellow star apple (Trinidad).

  3. Acaiberry Fruit
  4. Acaiberry fruit images wallpaper
    Acai berry scientific name is Euterpe oleracea. Acai berry is a berry fruit derived from a palm tree called acai palm. Acai palm is a palm tree that is a native plant of South America, this tree is widespread along the Amazon forest.

    Acai berries can be found in Brazil, Trinidad, Venezuela, Guiana, Peru, Colombia, Panama, Ecuador and Suriname.

    Acai berry have several names such as : acai palm, assai palm, palma manaca, murrapo, palma del rosario, huasai, naidi, palmetto, jucara and chonta guasai.
  5. Acerola Berry Fruit
  6. Acerola fruit images wallpaper
    Acerola fruit scientific name is Malpighia glabra
  7. Ackee Berry Fruit
  8. Ackee berry fruit images wallpaper
    Ackee berry fruit scientific name is Blighia sapida or Cupania sapida
  9. African Cherry Orange Fruit
  10. African cherry orange fruit images wallpaper
    African cherry orange fruit scientific name is Citropsis articulata
  11. Amazon Grape Fruit
  12. Amazon grape fruit images wallpaper
    Amazon grape fruit scientific name is Pourouma cecropiaefolia)
  13. African Cucumber Fruit
  14. African cucumber fruit images wallpaper
    African cucumber fruit scientific name is Cucumis metuliferus
  15. African Medlar Fruit
  16. African medlar fruit images wallpaper
    African medlar fruit scientific name is Vangueria infausta
  17. African Moringa Fruit
  18. African moringa fruit images wallpaper
    African moringa fruit scientific name is Moringa stenopetala
  19. Agave Plant Fruit
  20. Agave plant fruit images wallpaper
    Agave plant fruit scientific name is Agave americana
  21. Aizen Apple Fruit
  22. Aizen apple fruit images wallpaper
    Aizen apple fruit scientific name is Boscia senegalensis
  23. Alligator Apple Fruit
  24. Alligator apple fruit images wallpaper
    Alligator apple fruit scientific name is Annona glabra
  25. Almond Fruit
  26. Almond fruit images wallpaper
    Almond fruit scientific name is Prunus dulcis
  27. Ambarella Fruit
  28. Ambarella fruit images wallpaper
    Ambarella fruit scientific name is Spondias dulcis
  29. American Black Elderberry Fruit
  30. American black elderberry fruit images wallpaper
    American black elderberry fruit scientific name is Sambucus canadensis
  31. American Chestnut Fruit
  32. American chestnut fruit images wallpaper
    American chestnut fruit scientific name is Castanea dentata
  33. American Hazelnut Shrub Fruit
  34. American hazelnut shrub fruit images wallpaper
    American hazelnut shrub fruit scientific name is Corylus americana
  35. American Red Raspberry Fruit
  36. American red raspberry fruit images wallpaper
    American red raspberry fruit scientific name is Rubus strigosus
  37. American Mayapple Fruit
  38. American mayapple fruit images wallpaper
    American mayapple fruit scientific name is Podophyllum peltatum L.
  39. Apple Fruit
  40. Apple fruit images wallpaper
    Apple fruit scientific name is Malus domestica
  41. Apricot Fruit
  42. Apricot fruit images wallpaper
    Apricot fruit scientific name is Prunus armeniaca
  43. Aprium Fruit
  44. Aprium fruit images wallpaper
    Aprium fruit is hybrid fruit of plums and apricots with scientific names is Prunus armeniaca x domestica)
  45. Araza Fruit
  46. Araza fruit images wallpaper
    Araza fruit scientific name is Eugenia stipitata
  47. Arhat Fruit
  48. Arhat fruit images wallpaper
    Arhat fruit scientific name is Siraitia grosvenorii
  49. Atemoya Fruit
  50. Atemoya fruit images wallpaper
    Atemoya fruit scientific name is Annona cherimola × Annona squamosa
  51. Atherton Raspberry Fruit
  52. Atherton raspberry fruit images wallpaper
    Atherton raspberry fruit scientific name is Rubus probus
  53. Avocado Fruit
  54. Avocado fruit images wallpaper
    Avocado fruit scientific name is Persea americana

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