The Difference Between Rujak And Pickles

Do you know about pickles and rujak, what is the difference between this both fruits dessert, that many Asians love it?

Definitions Of Rujak

Rujak is one type of food derived from a mixture of various types of fruits such as mango, starfruit, pineapple, yam, guava and others are cut into small slices and eaten with added spices are generally made from a mixture of brown sugar, salt and chili.

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Definitions Of Pickles

The pickled fruit is a preserved fruit by soaking it in water with a mixture of salt, sugar, vinegar and some types of spices.

Some types of fruit often used as pickles include cucumbers, yam, ambarella, sweet potato, mango and pineapple. The famous fruit pickles are Bogor pickled fruit and Betawi fruit pickles from Indonesia.