Definition Of Drupa Fruit, Fleshy Fruit, Buni Fruit And Berries

plum examples of drupa fruit pictures

Definition of Drupa Fruit

Drupa fruit is a fruit derived from a single seeded ovary and coated with a hard layer around the seeds of the fruit.

Examples of drupa fruits are : mango, peach, plum and coconut.

Definition of Fleshy Fruit

Fleshy fruits are fruits that part or all of the fruit wall are fleshy and generally do not open when it is ripe.

Examples of fleshy fruit include: rambutan, chili, orange, mango and dates.

Definition of Buni Fruit

Buni fruit is a kind of fleshy fruit that contains many seeds in small size. In general, buni fruit has 2 layers of the outer layer is thin and rigid and the inner layer is thick, soft and contains a lot of water.

Buni fruit is also the name of a tree whose fruit is usually called the fruit of buni or wuni, the fruit is a small round shape arranged in a long stalk when it is cooked redish black.

Definition of Berries

Berries are fruit whose flesh is soft or soft and contains many seeds.

Examples of types of berries are: citrus fruits, persimmons, blueberries, grapes and melons.