Abiu Fruit

Abiu is tropical fruit that can be found in Peru, Trinidad, Colombia, Hawaii, Venezuela, Ecuador and Brazil.

Abiu fruit tree scientific name is Pouteria caimito.

Another Abiu names are : temare (Venezuela), caimito (Colombia), luma or cauje (Ecuador), abieiro or caimito (Brazil), yellow sapote or yellow star apple (Trinidad).

Wild abiu fruit tree can be found in Andes mountain lower eastern slopes from Venezuela untill Peru.

Abiu tree is medium size evergreen tree that could grow up to 50 meters tall and the tree generates dark green lanceolate leaves.

abiu fruit

When abiu fruit ripe (100-130 days from flower), they skin colour was change from green to a yellow colour and the skins was contains sticky latex.

abiu tree pictures abiu flower pictures
unripe abiu fruit abiu fruit ripen on the tree
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Abiu Fruits Health Benefits

Abiu Can Make Beauty And Healthy Eye

In every 100 gram abiu fruit, there was contains 130 mg vitamin A. High vitamin A contains in abiu fruit can make our eye still health and look more bright and beauty.

Abiu Give Us Higher Immune System

For every 100 gram abiu fruit that we eat, there was contains 49 mg vitamin C.
Vitamin C in abiu fruit can help us to rise up our body immune system so our body defense system can improve their protections system from virus and bacterial.

Abiu Can Maximize Our Digestions System Functions

Abiu fruit was contain high fiber. In every 100 gram abiu, there was contains 0.9 gram fiber and 1.8 gram protein.
With a good amount of fiber in our body, our body digestions system can work maximum and stop and cure digestive problem.

Abiu Was Good For Metabolic Process

Phosphorus (41 mg), niacin (34 mg), calcium (22 mg), iron (1 mg) and fat (0.4 mg) contains in every 100 gram of abiu was very good to stabilize and maximize our metabolic process.