Tips To Control Your Calorie For The Sake Of Ideal Weight

Ideal body weight is not just a limited number or appearance only. Ideal weight has also could be a sign that you have a healthy body and more resistant to disease.

However, maintaining healthy body remains important, even for those of you who have an ideal body weight. But what if you have excess body weight?.

If so, the diet should be immediately done. Control your calorie intake and fat by applying the following tips.

tips to control your calorie intake for the sake of ideal weight

3 Tips To Control Your Calorie For The Sake Of Ideal Weight

➽ Reduce Portions To Eat

Reduce portions to eat has always been one of the important tips in the diet. Rather than eating in a full portion, reduce by half.

But what if still hungry? In order to make your stomach feel full longer, you can add a menu rich in fiber and protein, consumption is also healthy low calorie snacks.

➽ Replace High-Calorie Food

When on a diet, don't forget to reduce the high-calorie foods. For example, instead of eating the curry chicken or fried chicken, it would be better if you replace it with a rich herb poached chicken or chicken vegetable stir-fry.

Food menu such as this tend to be lower in calories and is good for your diet.

➽ Reduce beverages that contain Sugar

Sugar is one of the sources of calories. If you consistently reduce the calories, then you must also reduce food and drinks that contain lots of sugar.

Rather than drinking sweet tea or other sweet drinks, better choose a white water course. Fresh tea, particularly green tea also could be an option to help your diet.

You can read my articles about best low sugar fruit to get more info about this.

During diet, you should consistently reduce foods high in calories and fat. But diet is not enough.

You also need to burn calories and fat in the body. Do sports regularly. To exercise, do every day.

As for the sport which is quite intense, you can do it at least once a week. Nevertheless, it would be better if in a week You do sports as much as 4 times with duration of at least 30 minutes.